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Tappilini Tapping (Pamper your thymus)

By Susana Del Valle Alfonso


Pamper your thymus... A few taps on the thymus in sad mornings. A few taps when there is anxiety. A few daily taps directly to the sternum, to wake up and relax.

In the center of the chest, behind the bone where people touch when they say 'I', there is a small gland called the thymus.

Its name in Greek, 'thýmos', means vital energy. Will it be necessary to say more?

Yes, it is necessary to say something more because the scam is still an illustrious unknown. It grows when we are happy and shrinks in half when we are stressed and even more when we get sick.

This characteristic confused medicine for a long time, which only knew him through autopsies and always found him shrunken and shrunken.

He was supposed to atrophy and stop working in adolescence, so much so that for decades American doctors bombarded perfectly healthy scams with high doses of X-rays, believing that his 'abnormal size' could cause problems.

Later science showed that, even shrinking after infancy, he is still active; It is one of the pillars of our immune system, along with the adrenal glands and the spine and is directly connected to the senses, consciousness and language.

Like a telephone exchange through which all calls go, it makes connections to the outside and the inside ... If we are invaded by microbes or toxins, it reacts immediately by producing defense cells. But it is also very sensitive to images, colors, lights, smells, tastes, gestures, touches, sounds, words, and thoughts.

Love and hate affect him deeply. Negative thoughts have more power over him than viruses and bacteria.

Since this negative attitude does not exist in a concrete way, the thymus tries to react and weakens, fighting against an unknown invader and opens spaces for symptoms of low immunity, such as herpes. In compensation, positive thoughts manage to activate all his powers, remembering that faith removes mountains.

The curious detail is that the thymus is well attached to the heart that ends up winning all the credits in relation to feelings, emotions, decisions, way of speaking, listening, state of mind, etc ... '

'My heart is tight', for example, reveals a real thymus situation that only reflexively involves the heart in the problem. The heart chakra itself, an energy source of union and compassion, has more to do with the thymus than with the heart and it is in this chakra that, according to Buddhist teachings, the passage from the animal state to the human state occurs.

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