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CLARITY - Abundance Diary # 5

It is very easy to preach about abundance, because all we have to do is connect with the positive things in life and hope for the best results. However, getting those results can be more difficult. Well, you need to be very clear about what you really want. And for that you have to have absolute clarity, and that's exactly where the torture begins.

Not knowing what you really want is the beginning of lack of abundance. And if you take the time to analyze this situation you will realize that there is a lot of truth in this. "The Universe will provide" we have it very clear. What we are not clear about is what it is going to provide.

Imagine that you have a baby in your arms and this baby is crying. You have no idea what this creature might want but you offer the most basic to cover its needs. Which is, food, security, and lots of love. And you offer it unconditionally.

Now, imagine that you are that baby and the one holding you in its arms is the Universe. You have food, a roof over your shoulders and the unconditional love of this Universe. For IT, it is not necessary to pay rent to live under the stars, nor he charges you for each apple you cut from the trees, nor he denies your attention when you pray. True? We humans do that on our own accord. We make life difficult for ourselves to be able to prove our superiority and make money out of what is free.

However, we are not here judging the course we have taken with our civilization. At this moment, what we need is to find a way to obtain what we most desire, and thus feel the abundance of this Universe, even within a totally dysfunctional system. And, if I may add, in some way contribute to the improvement of our society.

The opportunities exist, what we cannot see is which of all these opportunities is the right one for ourselves, and for all those we want to benefit. This is why the question: WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT, is so important to answer. Free of self-doubts and in complete harmony with everything in your life. This is called being clear.

To know what you really want, you have to make many lists of all kinds and write them down. Because otherwise, those ideas will most likely cloud your clarity.

These lists should be:

  1. of all the lessons learned in your life,

  2. of everything you think you need to learn,

  3. of all the things that scare you the most,

  4. of everything that excites you.

_ Pay close attention to these lists because your destiny lies within those lists.

Start with the list of everything you have learned and continue with the others. These lists can be as real or ridiculous as you like. Do not take it so seriously and play to find the craziest but most authentic answers of your life. For example these are my lists:


  1. I have learned to meditate.

  2. I have learned to serve others.

  3. I have learned to be patient.

  4. I have learned to control my mind.

  5. I have learned to nurture and exercise my body.

  6. I have learned to share my experience.

  7. I have learned to release pain and trauma.

  8. I have learned to listen.

  9. I have learned to be grateful.


  1. I need to learn to be loyal.

  2. I need to learn to love.

  3. I need to learn my true self-worth.


  1. I'm scared of ruining my reputation.

  2. It scares me to make mistakes.

  3. It scares me people's judgment.

  4. It scares me not knowing what to do.

  5. It scares getting sick.


  1. I wish I could express my feelings without fear of rejection.


Make sure they are 100% authentic. This is your life, and this may be the most important step you have or have taken in a long time.

Once you have your lists in front of you, observe your emotions and ask yourself:

- What does it feel like to have your life so clearly exposed in front of you? And write your conclusions on a piece of paper. [IMPORTANT] This step is very important in the process of clarity and self-realization.


Now you are very clear about your strengths and weaknesses. With this, it is as if you have the master key that opens all doors. The important thing here is to know what to do with that key. And I'm going to show you now. Ready?


This is the most creative part of this process. Your job is to create or imagine a very simple but very real story of a situation where you are perfectly aware of everything you have learned, everything you need to learn, everything that scares you and everything you want the most. It is necessary that in your story, each point is clearly identified and not leave a point out.

This task will not only start the creative work, but it has the power to offer the Universe a very clear guideline of who you are, what you want, and what the Universe's job is to provide it for you. It is as if the baby that the Universe is holding in its arms, suddenly learns to communicate and says "Dad, I'm not hungry, I'm not cold and I'm not afraid ... what I want is to play, you can pass me that toy that I can't reach myself? Thanks."

Make your story the story of your life. Where the past will be the real part, the present, the account of your strengths and weaknesses and the future your wishes made concrete.


  1. Start with the present. Tell where you are at this point in your life.

  2. Write the dream or ambition that you would like to see come true.

  3. Be aware of all your strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Create an ideal end result. Put all your dreams, illusions, wishes, and creativity in at this point. Unleash your imagination and allow yourself to reach for the stars. Dream big. As big as the Universe itself.


  1. Avoid playing the victim.

  2. Avoid lying to yourself.

  3. Avoid not being clear.

  4. Avoid not taking responsibility.

  5. Avoid overdoing it.

  6. Avoid negativity and darkness.

Once you have your new life story. I invite you to share it with everyone. It is important that you do not keep it to yourself or keep it a secret. The power of the Universe counts on your courage to open your heart and expose your desires. Don't let embarrassment or disbelief overshadow your truth and clarity.


It is part of the guarantee of this Universe (God will provide) that the moment you know exactly who you are, what you want and are ready to take action, the Universe will put in front of you the circumstances and opportunities to make your dreams come true. Certain.

How long will it take? 3 minutes, 3 months 3 years. The change is actually instantaneous, but many times it takes time to grow the seeds you have sown.

For this GUARANTEE to be valid, you need the following:

  1. Perseverance. This is the water that with FAITH will water your dreams.

  2. Commitment. This is the soil that will nurture your new reality.

  3. Attitude. This is the magic that works miracles.

Don't believe me ... try it. I am going to do it and of course I will share with you both my story and the results I obtain.

I hope this article has helped you to empower your life and give you tools to gain a little more clarity.

With Much LoveAlways x 333



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